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What Are Smart Locks?

Smart locks are an advanced form of locking technology designed to provide property owners with the ability to control their property locks from any where at any time without the need of a physical key. Smart digital locks are connected through wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and in some advanced setups also make use of cutting edge biometric technology like face recognition and finger prints in order to grant users access.

Keyless Entry Smart Locks

These innovative locks operate through a keypad, a card key or a fob.

Keypad smart locks

These smart locks operates through a keypad located on the lock unit itself and to lock and unlock it you need to insert a correct digit code.

Many keypad smart locks allow you to create multiple access codes some are permanent and some are temporary and you can cancel them without changing the lock or collect keys.

Card key and fobs smart locks

These types of smart locks work by sensing when your card key or fob is nearby and automatically unlocking upon approach.

Smartphone App Smart Locks

This type of smart lock uses your smartphone as a digital key and control center. By connecting to the lock through Bluetooth you can easily control the lock and grant digital keys to family members and guests through the up or deny them at any time with just few taps on your smartphone screen. These locks have also the ability to connect to your local WiFi network which means that you can control it from any where in the world!

Biometric Smart Locks

Biometric smart locks are the most advanced security locks and they use biometric technology to provide access to buildings, homes, offices and specific rooms. The most common biometric features used by these locks include face recognition, eye recognition, voice recognition ad fingerprint recognition which is the most common. Biometric smart locks offer a higher level of security because biometric identifiers are unique to each person and are impossible to duplicate.

smart locks offer lots of benefits that make your life much easier and safer and they are far superior compared traditional locks. They increase your property security level and eliminate the need of carrying a physical key all the time!