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Security Doors, How To Secure Multisite Businesses?

Running a multi-site business requires extra security measures to ensure the continued success and safety of the company. Installing security doors is one of the most effective ways to protect your premises. For 50 years, we at Door Solutions have offered our services to keep Milwaukee Area businesses secure and running smoothly.

Reasons for Securing Your Multi-site Business with Security Doors in Milwaukee

Security is more manageable when you only have one location to maintain. Once you start expanding and having multiple locations, it can be difficult to keep an eye on all of them simultaneously. Hiring employees for 24/7 surveillance seven days a week can be expensive, so installing security doors can provide an efficient solution that still keeps your business safe and secure.

Types of Security Doors in Milwaukee to Safeguard Your Multi-site Business

There is no single answer for every situation when it comes to protecting your premises, but combining different solutions will help cover all aspects of keeping your business safe.

High-security door locks

High-security door locks with patented keys that are stamped “Do Not Duplicate” offer extra protection from locksmiths creating duplicates without authorization.

Access control systems

Access control systems with swipe readers or access cards allow you to track who has entered each building and when they came in, so you can monitor without being physically present at each site.

Alarms and cameras

Alarms and cameras let you check remotely whether your buildings are secure or if there has been any suspicious activity or fire hazards while away from the premises for a long period of time, such as on vacation or business trips.