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The Right Lock For The Right Place

A Lock is a device which is used to keep your property protected against unauthorized entry, it creates an obstacle for thieves and keeps them away from your property. Nowadays there are many different types of locks and some are more secure than others. It’s absolutely important to knew the most common types so you can fit the right lock for the right place. Sometimes you can be mistaken and install the wrong lock and it will compromise your security and give a chance to thieves to take advantage of it to break- into your property. In case you are confused in which lock goes which place then here is a quick guide for you.

Deadbolts Are Perfect For Exterior Doors

Deadbolt comes in two styles like regular deadbolt and vertical deadbolt and usually are best for exterior doors and are consider very secure because they feature a solid bolt that goes into the door frame Which makes them much more resistant to forced entry but it’s not 100% guaranteed and an experienced thieves can pick a regular deadbolt and it depends on the security level of the deadbolt lock itself as there are high security deadbolt locks that have anti pick, bump and drilling qualities.

Keyless Entry Locks Are Best For Commercial Places

You can easily install these smart locks on your home entry door but these locks were made intentionally for commercial setups and are best for places with different security levels. The main advantage of this lock is that you don’t need to use a physical key anymore just entering a digit code or in more advanced situations you biometric finger print.

Sliding Bar Locks Are Good For Sliding Doors And Windows

Sliding bar lock isn’t built into the door itself but offers excellent results and extra security for sliding patio doors or windows. This lock is impossible to pick because it is more of a technique rather than a lock. They adjust to fit the width of the opening and block the door or window sliding path.

Doorknobs Lock Are Suitable For Interior Doors

Doorknob locks come in many styles and designs and are very appealing to your door from modern sleek designs to antique but at the same time they are the least secure and if you install this kind of lock on your front door it is essential to combine it with a deadbolt lock as well. For interior doors doorknobs are just perfect and offers enough privacy.

Chain Locks Should Combine With Another lock

Chain door lock are mainly installed on the inside of an entry door but it is advisable to don’t rely on this lock alone. You need to install another lock like deadbolt along with it and the combination of both will enhance your security.