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The Right Lock For The Right Place

Lock is a thing which is used to keep your property protected against the burglars and thieves. It creates the obstacles for the thieves and keeps them away from your property. Today, there is a wide variety of locks some are more secure than others. It’s indeed important for you to select the right lock for the right place. Sometimes, you install a wrong lock and this give a chance to burglar to take an entry into your home or office in an effortless manner. In case you are confused in selection of lock then here is a quick  guide for your facilitation.


Deadbolt Perfect for Exterior Doors

Deadbolt comes in two styles like normal deadbolt and vertical deadbolt. Normally, the exterior doors of the apartments and homes need the vertical deadbolt as it requires keys on both sides. However, you can also pick a regular deadbolt which has a key on the outside and knob on the inside. Both styles are suitable for the exterior doors. At this point, I would like to tell you that there are certain states which require some special kind of lock installed on the main doors of home and office. Therefore, it would be better for you to grab the information about it from your locksmith.


Keyless Locks Best for Commercial Places

Although you can install the combination locks at your home yet normally, this kind of locks seems suitable for the commercial properties. Generally, this lock is set up in a high security places. The main advantage of this lock is that you don’t need to keep the key with you all the time, just enter the code and take an entry into our workplace or home.


Sliding Bar Lock Seems Good For Sliding door

Sliding bar lock is mounted in the center of the door. You can set up this kind of lock into your balcony sliding door. Good thing is that this lock is difficult to pick. A thief is unable to pick this lock even the door pins have been removed. The reason is that this lock has a deadbolt on the both sides of frame and therefore, utmost security is guaranteed.


Knob Lock Suitable For Interior Doors

Knob locks are very attractive but at the same time least secure. You need to install this kind of lock on your interior doors. Actually, knob lock offers little protection so don’t ever mount it on your exterior door.


Chain Lock Should Combine with Another lock

Although you can select the chain doors for the main door of your commercial or residential property but it is advisable to don’t rely on this lock alone. You need to install another lock like deadbolt along with this lock. The combination of chain or deadbolt will enhance your security.

I just hope that you would like to follow this simple guide as through it you can place the right lock at right place so chances of forced entry would be low.