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A horrible reality that very many people encounter once in a while is losing their car keys. There are steps which can guide you so that the situation does not get out of your control.

Analyze the situation

The first thing that should be done when you realize that you can not find your keys is to concentrate and think through your actions. Under such a situation when one finds him or her self with an inability to move a big weight of metal because he or she is lacking a small key. This can be frustrating especially when he or she is planning to hit the road as soon as possible. Thinking through the whole incidence may help to remind you where you might have left or placed the car keys.

A thoroughly search of the whole house and the items in it should be performed. Determine the time frame between the last time you had the keys and when they got lost. In an incident when the car is not required emergently, one should be patient as in some cases the keys might be in an unclear place to be returned to the owner later on. If you get no memory of anything or anywhere where you can find your car keys, then you can proceed to the next step. What can you do if you have lost your car keys?

How to Get a Car Key Replacement

After finally realizing that you have really lost your car keys, the option available will be to get a replacement for them. When one wants to replace his or her car keys, it is advisable that they first visit a locksmith before proceeding to the dealerships. Reason for this is due to the low cost charged by them compared to that charged by the dealerships. A lock out service will be necessary in case the vehicle is locked. In most cases there is also a need to replace one’s key fob.

Before contacting any of the locksmiths or dealerships, all the information concerning your vehicle should be collected. This must include:

  • Information about the vehicle’s insurance
  • Information about the vehicle’s registration
  • Identification number of the vehicle
  • The year in which it was made
  • The car’s model and maker and other details that may be necessary

Contacting Your Local Locksmith or the dealerships?

A number of locksmiths should be given a call inquiring on the cost of replacing a car key plus the lock out service. Respond to all questions that are asked by the locksmiths concerning your car. It is advisable that you deal with the locksmith who is insured and bonded. If your car is a Jaguar, Volkswagen or Mercedes, it will require you to contact the dealerships as they are the only ones that can replace keys for those types of cars.

After comparing the costs charged by the different locksmiths, choose the one whose price fits into your budget in your time constraint. After the locksmith arrives where your car is, give him the vehicle data that he requests. Watch him do all the required actions until he cuts a brand new key for your car.

The cut key should be mated on the car’s anti theft system. This task is in most cases performed by dealerships.
In case you are to move the car to the dealership, a tow track will be necessary for the purpose of moving your car professionally. A new set of keys can be created with in an hour by most of the dealerships. It is a wise decision if you make two key sets to avoid being in the same position ever again.