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Tips For Keeping Your Motorcycle Safe And Secure

The portability of motorcycles makes them an easy target for theft so it’s highly important for bike owners to be smart about keeping their rides safe. Motorcycles can be moved and loaded easily into a truck which means thieves can steal them quickly. In order to help new riders well as experienced riders from becoming victims of motorcycles theft we have compiled important tips for them to keep their motorcycle safe.

Use a Multi Layer Security System

Disc locks are very popular among riders but unfortunately thieves have become more sophisticated with their stealing techniques and can often easily open disc locks. Consider upgrading to a combination lock that includes both disc locks as well as chain locks and an effective alarm system. This multi layer type of protection is much harder for thieves to overcome and surprisingly affordable. Installing a GPS tracker on your motorcycle is an excellent way to monitor in real time after your motorcycle has been stolen and excellent way to recover it.

Be Cautious Where You Park

When parking your motorcycle always be selective and cautious when choosing a spot. Look for a well lit secure area and avoid isolated poorly lit locations. Give priority to places with security cameras as well as covered parking lots with 24/7 security guard. Being cautious about where you park your motorcycle not only protects it from getting stolen but also from getting vandalized.

Take Security To the Next Level

Take your motorcycle security to the next level with cutting edge technologies like the Monimoto Smart Alarm & Tracker which combines GPS tracking with an alarm system that is highly to movements. This highly advanced device can notifying owners directly through their smartphones if any movement is detected. Another great product is the ABUS Granit Detecto SmartX Brake Disc Lock which offers Bluetooth connectivity for keyless lock operation and includes an alarm system. For a more integrated solution the Scorpio Ride Core S system offers comprehensive security that includes GPS tracking, tilt sensors, shock sensors and ignition detection all controllable through a dedicated smartphone app.