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TipsFor Keeping Your Motorcycle Safe And Secure

The portability of motorcycles makes them an easy target for theft. Unfortunately, many riders lack the necessary information to protect their bikes against theft. To help new and experienced riders from becoming victims of bike theft, security experts at Milwaukee Door & Lock have outlined a few practical tips to keep your motorcycle safe and secure.

Use a Complex Security System

Disc locks are popular amongst riders, but unfortunately thieves have become more sophisticated with their methods and can often easily open disc locks. Consider upgrading to a combination lock system that includes both disc locks as well as chain locks and an effective alarm system. This type of system is much harder for a thief to maneuver and is surprisingly affordable to install. Our expert locksmiths can help you upgrade your disc lock in addition to installing a chain lock and alarm system on your bike.

Be Cautious While Parking the Bike

When parking your motorcycle, always be selective and cautious when choosing a spot. Thieves often look for bikes parked in hidden places so they can steal without drawing attention or being caught. Choose well-lit locations with plenty of activities and surveillance cameras present so that it would be difficult for someone to steal the bike without being noticed or identified.

Take Security To the Next Level

Consider using Smartwater tagging systems or other technologies like electronic transponder tags with ignition disable monitors that are monitored 24 hours a day. Smartwater tags make it easy to track down your motorcycle if it’s stolen by using clear liquid solution with an individual code unique to your bike alone which can be traced with ultraviolet light. Additionally, GPS tracking units will allow you to secure you bike even further; replaceable batteries will ensure that these systems stay active even after long periods where the bike isn’t used, making them very effective security measures.

Last Words

Finally, when you’re at home always park the bike inside the garage and use floor or ground anchors if possible; this will make it nearly impossible for someone to take away your bike without anyone noticing. If you want more advice on how to upgrade your motorcycle security system contact us today; our services are fast and affordable!