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Keyless Access Control System

Keyless access control systems are a unique and comfortable way of maintaining the security level of commercial and residential properties. Just like its name this locking system has abandoned the use of a physical key for smarter and much more secure digital technologies. The demand for these systems has been rising to the sky as they provide great comfort and convenience.

Here are 4 factors that distinguish these systems:

System Can Be Easily Programmed

When installing an access control system at your home or office you would find it quite simple and program it to to meet your requirements is not a rocket science. Most systems are user friendly and you can generate entry codes or revoke them quite easily.

Great Security

As the name implies no keys are involved which means no more lock changing because of lost keys and better monitoring on who can enter specific areas at your premises. These locks are presented as anti pick and anti bump locks and the certainly are more secure than any traditional lock in the market.


Keyless access control systems are quite flexible and you can make changes in the programming any time you wish. It becomes very substantial for an administrator to restrict the access of an employee from certain areas or grant access to a new employee you’ve hired.

Employee Protection

From an employee safety perspective keyless access control systems minimize risks by employing biometric verification and encrypted digital keys to make sure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive areas and by doing so it can eliminate potential threats and unnecessary accidents.

Better Than Other Systems

Keyless access control systems surpass traditional systems by offering better security that is easier to mange much more flexible and provide greater security and with advanced technologies like biometric and mobile credentials they eliminate risks associated with lost keys or compromised codes. Keyless access control systems provide real time monitoring and alerts significantly improving overall security!