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When to Replace The Locks On Your Car?

Replacing the locks on your car is something you might need to consider under certain circumstances in order to ensure your car security. The cost of replacing your car’s locks can vary widely depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the type of keys it uses and it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional automotive locksmith to get better understanding about your options.

We recommend to change your car’s locks on these 4 situations:

Lost Keys

If your car keys got lost replacing the locks will be a wise decision and it is even more important to do it if your keychain had identifying information that could lead someone to your car.

Attempted Theft

If someone attempted to break into your car and they’ve damaged the locks replacing the locks can secure your vehicle against future attempts or leaving you locked out because they are not working properly

Buying a Used Car

When you buy a used car especially from a private seller and you don’t have ab clue of how many copies of the keys are out there replacing the locks will give you control over the access to your car.

Damaged Ignition

Over time car keys can damaged but not only keys also car ignition can wear out and break or stuck. When replacing the ignition your old key will be useless and a new key now will start your car so in order for that key to manually lock and unlock your car you will have to replace all the locks as well.