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When to Replace The Locks On Your Car?

Replacing the car locks is an important but often overlooked part of keeping your vehicle secure. If a lock has been compromised, it is time to get other locks changed too. Automotive locksmiths can help with cutting new keys as well as changing the ignition lock and all other door locks on the car.

Damaged Car Locks

Accidents or attempted break-ins can cause damage to the lock barrels on your doors, leaving them loose or stiff and therefore unusable. A professional automotive locksmith will be able to service the locks on your car and create new keys that match the existing ones.

Broken Key

If you have been using your key too much for lifting up boots or trunk lids then it may have weakened over time or become damaged in some way. If you have a snapped key stuck in one of your doors, then you might need to replace that particular lock. Automotive locksmiths can cut and program a new key to work with your car’s security system, as well as replacing any of the other locks too if needed.

Lost Or Stolen Keys

If you have lost or had your car keys stolen, then replacing all of the locks may be something worth considering in order to ensure that those missing keys cannot be used for breaking into or stealing from your vehicle.

New Vs Old Cars

Vehicles made from 1995 are likely to have transponder chipped keys which require reprogramming when replacing them; this provides extra security for newer vehicles by disabling the engine immobilizer when inserted into its corresponding ignition slot. Older cars without transponders won’t require programming, and instead blank keys can be cut that match up with those existing old car locks. It’s worth noting though that not all cars are serviced easily by automotive locksmiths so it’s best to contact us first with the make and model of your vehicle so we can ensure we are able to provide our services for yours!