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Holiday Home Safety Tips

Holiday Home Safety Tips

When the summer time is just around the corner and you begin to plan your summer time vacation it is also a good time to think about how to improve your home protection while you’re away. Taking a few simple steps can make a great difference and you will be able to go out and relax on your vacation.

Lock Up

Make sure all entry points like doors, windows and even pet entrances are secured. Check that all locks are in good condition and as for sliding doors and windows place a security bar in the track for enhanced security.

Smart Light

Smart lights or timers can be programmed to turn on and off in a way that imitate your usual activity and the goal is to make an illusion that there is someone at home.

Hold Mail Deliveries

Piled up mail or packages that wait by the door signal to thieves that the house is unattended. The United States Postal Service and most commercial delivery services offer a hold service which can be easily activated for the duration of your vacation.

Get Help From A Trusted Neighbor

Having a trusted neighbor keep an eye on your property while you’re away for vacation can be invaluable. They can report immediately to you or to the police on any suspicious activity is happening on your property and even visit your home o a daily basis to make it look like there is someone home.

Security System

Installing a smart home security system is the most inform crime preventing step you can take regardless of your impending summer vacation. Modern security systems offer wide range of services including alerting the police on break-ins and fires.

Avoid Social Media

Posting about your vacation in real time can be tempting but it’s can cause lots of trouble as thieves make use of Facebook and Instagram as a spying tool and search those vacation’s posts to target unoccupied houses. Wait until you return for your vacation and only then share your photos and experiences.

Secure Valuables

For valuable items that cannot be taken with you on your vacation we recommend to store them in a home safe and if you don’t have one take your precious jewelry and important documents and store them in a bank safety deposit box.

Maintain Your Yard

An overgrown and unattended garden can signal thieves your absence and taking care of it before leaving on your vacation will not only keep your home looking good but also eliminate blinded spots hiding places.

Disconnect Electronics

To reduces the risk of fire and to save on energy we recommend to unplug TVs, computers and other appliances as it can also protects your electronics from power surges.

Water and Gas

Turning off the water can prevent water damage from leaks or broken pipes and also turning off the gas can reduce the risk of gas leaks as well.